Dermatologist Helps in Improving the Quality of the Skin

Are you tired of having skin irritations?  Are you looking for a perfect and affective solution to your skin problem? Well, people just do not realize that a lot of skin problems are because of the foods that they eat and poor nutrition. If you are into eating junks, sweets and processed foods, you will surely have skin breakouts and blemishes as well. You can solve this problem by going back to the basic way of eating in the olden times.

Even if you consult any of dermatologist in Malaysia, he/she will ask you to go through a series of test to know what the problem is why your skin reacts to something. Switching to a healthier option will provide you with a clear and younger looking skin without the awful blemishes. The dermatologist will tell you to eat certain kinds of foods daily to improve your skin and you will also be given vitamins. Some of the foods that can help in improving the quality of the skin are as follows:

  1. Almonds- this food is very rich in vitamin E. as you all know vitamin E is very good or the skin and it also has some antioxidant factor. This vitamin is also rich in oils that can moisturize your skin. Almonds are also very healthy, if you eat plenty if his every day, it is a great way for you to moisturize your skin. Of course, for those who are suffering from oily skin, you are exempted in consuming this kind of food.
  2. Avocados- this fruit is rich in vitamin B3 as well as healthy oils. Eating avocados will help you clear your skin. Aside from clearing effect, vitamin B3 is also has an anti-inflammatory effect. If you have lots of cane, you surely have inflamed skin and vitamin B3 can fix this kind of problem.
  3. Fruits high in Vitamin C- there are lots of fruits that are rich in vitamin C like grapefruit, Oranges, kiwi and many more. You can also consume vegetables that are rich in vitamin C. if you consume food is that rich in vitamin C you will prevent yourself from having wrinkles. You will also keep away from getting sick because it can boost your immune system.
  4. Mangoes- this fruit is very delicious that is filled with vitamin A. This vitamin is great for the skin because it can naturally repair skin cells. It can also help in moisturizing the skin to prevent premature aging.
  5. Baked Potatoes- no one wants to have saggy and wrinkled skin when they get older. If you want to prevent this kind of effect, eating potatoes can really help. Vitamins located in potatoes will help keep the fibers within your skin that is why your skin will not experience sagging.

These foods can really make your skin looking gorgeous; your dermatologist will surely be surprised with the outcome of your skin after sometime. You just need to follow what the dermatologist said regarding foods and supplements.

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