Industrial uses of a magnet

Magnets are not merely toys, but much more than that. In fact, in the present times, the magnet is being used in a number of industrial as well as business applications so as to operate in tandem with powerful technology. From the heavy industry to medicine and manufacturing, magnets are widely used in a variety of arrangements and settings.

The versatile nature and unique character make it an important tool to be used in a number of industrial applications. Following are the important industrial magnet uses.

Magnetic sweepers:

Magnetic sweepers are taken into use in a number of industries in order to reduce the costs related to maintenance as well as eliminate the flat tires at the loading docks, work sites, and even airports. This is one of the major industrial magnet uses.


Magnets in terms of their industrial applications are also being used for the purpose of sorting magnetic material from any non-magnetic material. The most efficient and widespread use of the magnet is in the mining industry where it is used to separate the metals from ore. At the same time, food manufacturers make the use of an industrial magnet to ward off small iron particles from mixing with the food. Vendors also carry out the use of magnets to separate coins from other junk.


A number of different kinds of magnetic plates, conveyors, separators, grates as well as pulleys are used in order to separate all kinds of ferrous and impure materials from the high volume industry flow. Similarly, the use of magnets is very popular to recover all the ferrous objects from the depths of oceans.

Industrial ceramics:

Industrial magnet use is also very widespread in the sector of ceramics and manufacturing where the magnet is widely used in order to remove all kinds of metallic impurities. These impurities reduce the overall quality of the finished ceramics and hence it is very important for the companies to remove the impurities as a part of their manufacturing process. The industry makes the use of a variety of magnetic technologies such as suspended magnets, plate separators, drum separators, etc.

Glass and plastic:

Magnets are taken into regular use in the manufacture of different kinds of plastic as well as glass products. A number of different kinds of materials are used in the manufacture of glass and plastic, however, in order to get optimum use of these products, one must make sure that they do not contain any kind of impurity. Hence, the use of magnetic technology makes sure to remove all these impurities and this serves as an important industrial magnet use.

Construction, shipping and manufacturing industrial uses:

All kinds of large scale industries related to construction, shipping as well as manufacturing makes the use of industrial magnets for the purpose of moving heavy loads. They also help in dredging the larger items from the ocean floor.

Automotive industry:

The important component of an electric motor is the magnet as it is and hence industrial magnet use is very widespread and important in the entire automotive industry.