How to clean a freezer refrigerator

Cleaning a freezer refrigerator is not rocket science. You are merely required to take care of a few things after which you are good to go. Defrosting is considered to be an important step before you begin with the cleaning process. In order to make sure that your freezer refrigerator is working optimally, it is very important to entertain the regular cleaning of your refrigerator.

Here are the steps of cleaning your freezer refrigerator properly:

1.    Unplug the freezer refrigerator:

Merely switching off the switch is not a good idea. You must unplug the freezer before starting with the process of cleaning. This will prevent all kinds of risks related to electrical shock as well as injuries which could occur as a result of defrosting or cleaning the fridge.

2.  Take inventory while you remove the food:

While cleaning your freezer refrigerator, there are chances that you might have a good deal of frozen food inside it. Some of those food items have not been used or seen for so many months. Thus, now is the time you begin with an inventory of what is inside your freezer. Take a look at all kinds of food items kept inside and smell them. Discard all the spoiled frozen foods which are abnormal in terms of appearance or which have been kept in the freezer refrigerator for a long time.

3. Speed up the process of defrost:

Once the food items have been removed, inventories and placed into the totes for storage, the next step is to defrost the freezer refrigerator. This process could take a great deal of time if you leave the lid open. It is better to place the large container of hot water into the freezer refrigerator and close the lid to further permit dispersion of heat and steam. This will quicken the process of defrosting.

4.  The process of cleaning:

Once the process of defrosting is done, unplug the drainage tube on to your freeze and allow the water to drain. You can make the use of a mild cleanser like dish detergent, baking soda or even vinegar in order to clean your freezer refrigerator. Place any of these ingredients into a bowl and add warm water into it. Now, dip a towel or a cleaning cloth in the solution and wash your freezer from inside. Allow the freezer to air dry.

5.   Reorganize your freezer refrigerator:

Once you are done with the process of cleaning your freezer refrigerator well, it is the time to place all your frozen food items back into the freezer. In order to keep these foods safe and save them from contamination, it is always suggested to organize them as you start replacing them into your fridge. The food items having a longer shelf life are to be kept towards the bottom while other food items should be kept on the top. Reorganize all your food items categorically.

Use these important tips to clean and maintain your freezer refrigerator well.